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Product Realization

We’ll design your product to your form factor, and we’ll help you make the design tradeoffs necessary to make your design cost effective and performant today and have the extensibility to enhance it in the future or even in the field.

We focus on successful product design processes by developing top level and detailed design specifications so the board can be produced reliably in volume.

During the design process we generate the BOM (bill of materials), have the design laid out to your form factor, thermal and cost requirements. We’ll get the PCB designed and fabricated to your specific requirements with repeatable and reliable design rules. Then we can build and test the prototype and give you the final BOM, layout and manufacturing requirements and interface to your CM to ensure a successful transfer to manufacturing in volume.

If you require an FPGA for hardware supported functions, we can specify the right FPGA for your specific requirements. From front end RTL design and verification to the floor planning and Physical Design (PD). We can do the entire design of your FPGA or just a block depending on your needs. We can develop, enhance, and port your existing reusable IP or verification IP. We can develop your own IP library (F5) so you can reuse without license fees and royalties.

The PD of complex FPGAs must be planned in advance to ensure the required performance is achieved. We can do the top-level floorplan of the block so the timing convergence is achieved. We Place and Route your FPGA design using industry standard tools and ensure you will get the performance you require at the low power you need.

We are certified with the major FPGA vendors such as Intel, Xilinx, Achronix and Lattice and have the vendor tool kits to design and functionally verify the FPGA. We can also design it to be upgradable in the field for future enhancement if that is your requirement.

We can do the embedded software architecture and implementation on a microcontroller or Linux processor. We can develop, enhance, and maintain the Board Support Package (BSP) so you can evolve the design and its features over time and in the field. We can develop the self-test software so your product can manage its own health in the field.

We can then support the product for you in the field or transfer the technologies and tools to you so you can support and evolve it over time.

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