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I know I need to outsource some of my product development and support, but how do I know who the right partner is?
siliance has the solution!
The suppliers offshore all look like they can do the job, but how do I know for sure they can?
siliance has the answer!
The cost and the quality for offshoring is attractive, but what if I make the wrong choice?
siliance has the answer!
400 Trade Center, Suite 5900, Woburn, MA 01801

siliance Connects the Dots from your needs to the right Partner for the job!

siliance was founded to partner with offshore suppliers in low-cost regions.
    Skills and Capabilities in each of the areas: 2-3 sentence to flesh this out.

    ASIC Digital Design
    ASIC AMS Design
    AMS Verification
    Embedded Software
    Image Processing
    Board/System Design
    IoT System Design
    Mobile App

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