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About The Founder

Rich McAndrew is a multi-time entrepreneur with a successful career in both business development and the engineering of new products and technologies. He has critical leadership skills in building and assembling the best teams to get the job done on time and within budget. Rich has held executive positions in large Fortune 500 companies as well as a founder and senior executive in taking startup companies public. He has extensive business and professional experience in Europe and Asia.

In 2005, Rich saw the opportunity to take global services to a whole new level when he founded siliance. The problem was that there were literally thousands of design services companies globally all promising they can successfully complete the client’s project but, can they really? We all have heard of the disastrous projects that were given to inexperienced teams resulting in cost overruns or worse, no product revenues. siliance has the technical depth and the design process knowledge to vet our potential Partners, so our clients can be sure the Partner can do the job. We only market what we are sure our Partners can execute.

Siliance’s mission was to develop vetted onshore and offshore Partners with proven high quality and low-cost skillsets to provide complete hardware and software product development solutions. siliance only markets the skills and IP that we have successfully vetted. During this period siliance has developed 7 Partners plus USA based services support that provide a complete product development solution from digital and mixed signal custom semiconductors to complete electronic modules for systems and IoT. siliance, has experienced a CAGR of over 200% per year.

Prior to siliance, Rich took ZAiQ Technologies (formerly ASIC Alliance Corporation) from three co-founders into one of the largest IC design and verification services companies in the world. This growth was effectively accomplished by providing design verification services combined with unique transaction level EDA (electronic design automation) tools and IP. ZAiQ was a bootstrapped startup that grew more than 100% CAGR during its first 6 years. During that time the company funded a R&D team to develop key EDA software tools and verification IP.

In July 1999, as Executive Chairman, he focused on longer term business development, key customer relationships and being the visionary for new software products. During this period the Company started a wholly owned subsidiary in Noida, India. The Company made the Inc. 500 Best Private Companies in America list for fiscal years 2000 and 2001.

In 2003 Rich took the role of EVP of SYSTEMware Products and Services with the purpose of expanding the contribution of the software products and IP. He has developed key OEM partnerships with hardware emulation suppliers to integrate the ZAiQ software to give IC design end-users extraordinary performance and functionality. During this period ZAiQ’s revenue in the software and IP increased by over 350%.

Prior to his starting ZAiQ, Rich was a co-founder and VP of Hardware Product Development for Alliant Computer Systems Corporation. During his tenure as the VP of Hardware the company produced three generations of scientific parallel computing systems focused at the mini-supercomputer (or Baby Cray) compute server market. The system used multiple generations of custom ASIC designs and revenues grew rapidly to over $80M/year and was listed on NASDAQ in 1987.

Prior to Alliant, Computervision Corporation asked Rich to develop its own computer systems for the use in 3-dimensional mechanical CAD/CAM applications. During his six years at Computervision the Company grew from $27M to over $300M in annualized revenues and was named to the Fortune 500 List in 1981.

Rich has demonstrated capabilities in handling problems where there exists a great deal of uncertainty. Out of the uncertainty, Rich provides thoughtful leadership to bring out the best in people and find the pathways to success. Out of that business success, new leaders and extraordinary teams are developed.