Semiconductor Solutions

siliance provides extensive semiconductor development, verification and validation services for all types of semiconductors such as SoC and ASIC as well as programmable parts such as CPLDs and FPGAs.  We can develop these components with a high level requirements document and take it all the way through lab validation.  Semiconductor solutions contain the following capabilities :

  • ASIC/SoC Design
  • AMS ASIC Design
  • IP integration/migration
  • ASIC/SoC Floor Planning and Physical Design
  • Custom Analog layout
  • FPGA & system design
  • FPGA PD and Timing Closure
  • Design Verification environment development/port
  • AMS Design Verification
  • Custom Analog Layout including RF and mmWave
  • Co-simulation
  • Micro-diagnostics and self test
  • Embedded firmware
  • Silicon & system validation
  • Reference model creation