eInfochips, an Arrow Company, is a large offshore product development team from Ahmedabad, and Bangalore, India. eInfochips also has a USA subsidiary in Sunnyvale, CA.  They have been developing their skills since 1994 and have grown their team to over 1500 people in two key practice areas.


The Spec to Silicon Services Practice provides design, verification and physical design services for ASIC, SoC and FPGA designs.  They are experts in state of the art design verification techniques using such tools as SystemVerilog using the latest techniques such as UVM to achieve complete functional coverage.   Throughout the many years of evolving their internal technology they have developed a large suite of silicon design IP (SIP) and verification IP (VIP) for license by customers.  In many instances eInfochips has developed FPGA prototypes of some or all of the customer design to ensure the thorough verification at near real time performance. For ASIC and SoC physical design services they have a complete physical design flow using tools from all of the major EDA backend tool providers so they can provide offshore P&R services and interface directly to your chosen foundry.  

The eInfochips System Development Services practice can provide the offshoring of the design of complete systems that contain both a board level design and an embedded firmware design for a wide variety of micro-engines and embedded RTOS.  You may want them to develop a set of micro-diagnostics or self tests for factory and field usage. Or you may want them to test your firmware in a variety of configurations to be sure it meets all of your requirements.  This practice can also develop a printed wire board or packaged system to meet your specific packaging requirements and obtain worldwide agency approvals.  No job is too complex for us to handle. Contact us for more information on your specific requirement.

With hundreds of successful projects and an extensive customer list, they have developed specific domain knowledge and IP in such key areas as:

  • Image processing

  • Multimedia

  • Communications

  • Storage

  • Biometrics

  • Security systems

  • System Validation Methodologies

The typical eInfochips'  engagement model may have one or more eInfochips technical leads (called "Onsite Champions") on your site embedded with your engineering team to manage the offshore team and coordinate with your project team.  They manage the interface to the offshore team so you don’t have to.  They restructure the work and readjust the schedule when a change occurs to optimize efficiencies so you don’t have to.  They maintain the continuity of leadership on your project for the duration to ensure the quality of the results. 

In summary, you can consider eInfochips to be a reliable source to provide complete product development support.