Quality you can trust

SIBIZ is a 8 year old company located in Plovdiv, Bulgaria.  They have been specializing in turnkey SoC/ASIC/FPGA design and verification with complete support of COT design flows.  SIBZ has a proven track record of working silicon the first time.  Additionally, they have significant design experience in processor development, memory subsystem development, network processors, security subsystems and proof of concept designs.  They are particularly skilled in high speed and low power designs.


They have targeted ASIC designs at the leading edge processes for all of the major foundries.  These include process nodes at 130, 90, 65, 40, 28 and 20nm.  For FPGA designs they support the design flows for Altera and Xilinx as well as other FPGA and CPLD devices.

SIBIZ can work at both the SoC IP block level as well as at the top level of the chip.  They also provide the latest design verification technology including SystemVerilog UVM.

They have a team size of more than 40 engineers and have an excellent recruiting and training process to ensure the engineering talent provides outstanding quality for all of their projects.

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