siliance Partners

siliance searches worldwide for the most talented design services and IP developers available to become siliance Partners.  Our Partners provide a wide range of hardware design services and software design services in many key domain areas.  Several of our Partners have unique IP (intellectual property) which the can be licensed to customers.

siliance has a Partner vetting process so you can be sure that the Partner's claims are true.  We conduct extensive business and technical qualifications so you don’t have to. Only after they pass our rigorous examination and due diligence do we decide to market our Partner’s services and IP.   Our Partners have proven track records with many success stories and customer references.   Yes, the Partners have excellent people but perhaps more importantly, they have reliable internal processes to develop their people and manage projects; so you can be sure of their quality, integrity and commitment to your complete satisfaction. 

Where necessary we combine the technical and management skills of siliance engineers with those of our Partners such that our clients get the optimum solution for their requirements. Where necessary our engineers provide onshore local architectural support, staff augmentation or technical leadership depending on our client's needs.   We manage the project and the communications so you don’t have to.