Analog/Mixed Signal Design

Below is a listing of jobs currently available in analog design and mixed digital and analog design with siliance.  Please Submit Your Resume' if you qualify.

Principal Engineer-Analog/Mixed Signal Design

Job Description

  • 6+ years CMOS background knowledge.
  • Analog design expertise with track record of proven silicon.
  • System level experience in mixed signal.
  • Expert User of Analog EDA environments (e.g. Cadence, Mentor)
  • Excellent communication skills.
  • Strong documentation and specification skills.
  • Responsibility for Mixed Signal CMOS developments in technologies down to 22nm.
  • Specification and Definition of analog and mixed signal blocks and systems according to customer requirements.
  • Concept developments for mixed signal SoCs.


  • BS degree in Electrical Engineering, Micro Electronics, or similar.


  • Transistor level IC Design
  • Cadence or Menotr Design and Simulation environment
  • Experience with e.g. opamps, data converters, oscillators, PLLs, filters, power management circuits, high speed IOs, sigma-delta techniques, etc.

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Principal Engineer-High Speed Analog/Mixed Signal Design

Job Description

RF/analog or microwave solid state circuit design engineer, specifically with expertise discrete Multi Chip Module design. Plan, design, analyze, simulate, verify, document and release to production RF/analog/microwave ICs for wireless applications.


  • BS or MS  (MSEE preferred)
  • 8+ years of experience
  • ADS/Cadence/Calibre/APD based Design Environment
  • HPSPICE or equivalent
  • Knowledge of Design Architecture
  • Knowledge of test parameters and test equipment
  • Device or Product Characterization Knowledge

Preferred Requirements:

  • Knowledge of AWR (Microwave Office), Agilent ADS/Momentum
  • HFSS
  • APD

Designing analog and mixed-signal ICs for our clients utilizing leading edge sub-micron BiCMOS (SiGe) technologies. Develop state of the art products that include the following circuit types: op amps, comparators, interface circuits, voltage references, ADCs, DACs, delay elements, DC-DC converters, and power supply control algorithms, high speed IO and SERDES.

BSEE/MSEE and at least 8 years of comparable IC design experience are required. Experience in BiCMOS, bipolar and/or CMOS integrated circuit design is acceptable. Experience with the design of various Analog ICs or RFICs are strongly desired. Strong self-management skills and ability to take personal ownership of the product's development.

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