about us

siliance was formed in 2005 as a product development solution company that provides the best available human capital to solve your product development and support requirements.  We have highly experienced Principal level consultants who come to your site and are rapidly productive doing the tasks you need done.  We have the analog and digital hardware and embedded software skills you require to get your job done, but if your resource needs are more extensive, we can exceed your expectations by using one or more of our offshore Partners.  

We have discovered that there is a gap between the requirements of our customers and the ability of our Partners to fulfill the needs. 

siliance was founded to fill that gap! 

We provide value for our customers because we present and develop business and technical relationships so customers are served and supported.  Many offshore projects fail primarily because of communication of expectations.  siliance manages these expectations by being intimately involved with the project, before launch, during implementation and after completion. 

siliance searches worldwide for the most talented design services and IP developers available. We conduct extensive business and technical qualification verification so you don’t have to.

Only after ou Partner's pass our rigorous evaluation and due diligence do we decide to represent only our Partner’s services and IP that we believe is outstanding!

Therefore our customers know the quality they can expect from a siliance Partner. 

When our Partners become available through siliance, they are ready for “Prime Time.”

When necessary, our engineers provide onshore local architectural support, staff augmentation or technical leadership depending on your development needs.   We manage the project and the communications so you don’t have to.

siliance provides value to our partners because we provide business development skills and project definition skills that simplify and streamline our Partner’s ability to service the customer’s requirements.  siliance can define the highest value project to both the customer and our Partner such that both customer satisfaction and Partner performance is maximized.  Sometimes the customer requirements are such that it requires the combination of the capabilities of several of our Partners.  siliance can manage the multi-Partner relationship such that the customer sees a seamless supplier and a complete solution. 

How can customers develop cost effective and timely products for their market and not have all of the expertise available all the time? 

siliance has created a global services model using an optimal combination of local and offshore development teams.  siliance in the 15 years since our inception, and with our Partners and our onshore consulting services using siliance employees, has delivered hundreds of design verification projects, complex chip designs, and embedded software projects .